About Dave

Dave Moyer is the Executive Director at Maryland Bible Society, the acting Director at Beachmont Christian Ministries, and on elder team at Long Green Baptist Chuch. 


Dave's Recommended Resources

Bible Study

  • www.biblegateway.com
  • www.blueletterbible.com
  • www.biblestudytools.com
  • www.bible.org
  • www.gotquestions.org


  • www.marketplaceambassador.com
  • www.multiplymovement.com
  • www.cbmc.com
  • www.vergenetwork.org
  • www.rightnowmedia.org
  • www.replicateministries.org
  • www.navigators.org
  • www.operationtimothy.com


  • Radical and Follow Me David Platt
  • Multiply Francis Chan
  • Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life Donald S Whitney
  • The Cost of Discipleship Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  • Don’t Waste Your Life John Piper
  • The Pursuit of God A.W. Tozer
  • The Lost Art of Disciple-Making Leroy Eims
  • Twelve Ordinary Men John MacArthur
  • Personal Disciple Making Christopher Adsit

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