Slowing Down to Read the Bible

Each month, Dave Moyer and Josh Mitchell discuss studying God's Word. To listen, click on the microphone. Our most recent episode features Brendan Beale walking slowly through Titus 3. There will be a new episode every month!

What's New at MBS TODAY

Key MBS Partner Needs Help

Maryland Bible Society (MBS) and Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) are joining together to take advantage of a rare opportunity to bring Good News Clubs into public elementary schools.

The schools are interested in having clubs because of the many benefits they bring to students and the school culture overall.  Our interest and urgency is to bring Christ to unchurched children. MBS is committed to provide a Bible to each child as they come to the Lord. Will you volunteer to help?


Partnerships Making A Difference In Sandtown

Maryland Bible Society again partnered with local churches and ministries to promote healing – this time for the healing of the Sandtown neighborhood teens and young men.  Sandtown was rocked by the riots and many people were, and still are, in need of spiritual encouragement and love.

On June 22 the Basketball League of Sandtown was formed and the League games began.  After providing hot dogs, lemonade, chips and soda, Ray Sydnor, a former Philadelphia Eagle, organized the youth into 14 teams. Each team was led by a ‘coach’ from the group of pastors and ministry leaders present.


Kenya's Bible Store and Library

MBS has received this recent video from Mombasa, Kenya showing the Bible Store and Library.  You made this happen!!

The Founders Garrett Wong, Luis Contreras, and Bably Ateke along with the MBS staff are incredibly pleased and we send you our gratitude and praise.


MBS Featured On Voices Of Baltimore

The Maryland Bible Society (MBS) is consistently looking to spread the word about what God is doing through us.  He is working in amazing ways and we are more energized than ever.  There is now an online ministry, Voices of Baltimore (Voices) purposed to share not only what MBS is doing but also many other Christian ministries as well. 


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