Slowing Down to Read the Bible

Listen as Dave Moyer and Josh Mitchell discuss studying God's Word. To listen, click on the microphone. Our most recent episode features Brendan Beale walking slowly through Titus 3. There will be a new episode coming soon!

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Shooting for Peace

Recovery of a city after riots isn’t quick or easy. Some neighborhoods never heal. Helping a city lift itself out of pain, poverty and despair is a massive effort and requires multiples of state, private, community and spiritual organizations coming together, giving life to healing movements and events.  One such movement, “Shooting for Peace”, by its very title exposes the size of the gap needing to be closed.


The Orphans of Sudan

God’s Tender Mercy (GTM) is a dynamic ministry moving forward, caring for orphans in war torn Pajok, South Sudan. The village is still rebuilding after the devastation created by civil war from 1983-2005. The current conflict that began in 2013 has not greatly affected the village of Pajok but progress in the country as a whole has been reversed. GTM is continuing to grow the Christian ministry in Pajok despite the civil war in the northern and central parts of the country. They are embracing the children and adults with compassion and teaching them that true hope can be found in the person of Jesus Christ. GTM also teaches and encourages participation in farming, caring for animals, educating, leading, preaching/teaching, building, etc.


Translations Matter

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”  Matthew 28:19
Globally 16,404 groups or ethnicities of peoples have been identified as sharing a common language.  Sadly, of these there still remain 6,649 groups without a Bible in their native language. Since 1810 it has been part of the Maryland Bible Society’s (MBS) commission to contribute to the fulfillment of Scriptural translations.


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