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Urgent Call For God’s Word

As 2017 comes to a close, we put together a short video to reflect on all God has done through MBS with your support. As you prepare your heart for Christmas and the start of a New Year, would you consider taking a few minutes to watch, listen, and reflect with us? 
Click here to watch the video

​Free Presentation for Your Church!

Simple Starts is a free presentation given by Dave Moyer about reading the Bible well. It is designed to get students and adults regularly reading God's Word and beginning, or continuing, a life long journey of walking with Him. It is being presented at churches and ministries and people are walking away energized and excited to read the Bible.

If you would like to have Dave Moyer present Simple Starts at your church, youth group or ministry, please contact

We've sent Bibles to Kenya!

MBS has prepared another shipment to send to our brothers and sisters in Mombasa, Kenya! We have sent your used Bibles, bible related study materials, and biblical literature (adult, teens and children).

Thank you!

Bibles in Public Schools?