This is shaping up to be an exciting summer at Maryland Bible Society! In addition to kicking off a new Kenya Project campaign, we are pleased to see a large graduating class at Baltimore School of the Bible, one of our ministry partners. You can learn more about Kenya and this wonderful school below.

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Bible Engagement Brings Transformation

While there are always new projects and partnerships, the heart and soul of the Bible Society is the distribution of scriptures and the subsequent engagement that brings transformation. Over the past few months, dozens of high school students have experienced our Simple Starts training seminar and they have left with the tools necessary to begin a life long journey in God’s Word. Nearly 100 attendees have participated in one of five weekly Bible studies—from high school and college students to seniors at area retirement centers—where God’s Word is accomplishing His purposes.

Bible Grants have been awarded across the state and region as youth ministries, community organizations, and churches—to name a few—are partnering in key outreach areas, combining distribution and engagement for maximum, life-long impact. Requests continue to come in from local churches heading overseas, asking MBS to help with Bibles and discipleship resources. And, we could not do this without the help of our faithful supporters. Please continue to pray for MBS and, as you are able, make a donation to financially undergird this important ministry. To learn more about donating to MBS, click here.

​Free Presentation for Your Church!

Simple Starts is a free presentation given by Dave Moyer about reading the Bible well. It is designed to get students and adults regularly reading God's Word and beginning, or continuing, a life long journey of walking with Him. It is being presented at churches and ministries and people are walking away energized and excited to read the Bible.

If you would like to have Dave Moyer present Simple Starts at your church, youth group or ministry, please contact

Donate Your Bibles & Books to Kenya Library - Summer 2018!

We’re once again collecting Bibles, study materials, and Christian-related books to donate to our brothers and sisters in Mombasa, Kenya.

This time, we are also looking for textbooks and other educational resources that would be appropriate for adults, teens, and children.

Contact us at for drop-off information!

Partner Spotlight: Baltimore School of the Bible


In June, the Baltimore School of the Bible, a partner ministry with Maryland Bible Society, graduated its largest class ever, conferring 51 diplomas to those who had completed its three year course. The School, founded in 1931, has graduated thousands of students, to become the largest institution for Bible instruction of its kind in Maryland. It draws its volunteer faculty from churches throughout the greater Baltimore area, including MBS President, Thomas Schetelich.

The School operates in three sites around the city, to provide a Biblical education that is “fundamental in its teaching, evangelical in its purpose and missionary in its outlook.”

MBS congratulates the Baltimore School of the Bible and its graduates. You can learn more about the school here: