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Bible Presentation Enthusiastically Received 

On January 27-28, Maryland Bible Society presented a breakout session with over 600 in attendance, which was available to over 5,000 students at the ROCK Conference at the Ocean City Convention Center.

Executive Director, Dave Moyer, discussed how one can start a Life-Long Journey in God's Word and learn how to read and study the Bible, be transformed by its message, and begin to apply it to your daily life.

The presentation was enthusiastically received and many students walked away energized and excited to read the Bible! The hunger and thirst for truth is encouraging and we are amazed at the response.
If your church is interested in having the seminar presented, please contact us at for more information.

​Free Presentation for Your Church!

Simple Starts is a free presentation given by Dave Moyer about reading the Bible well. It is designed to get students and adults regularly reading God's Word and beginning, or continuing, a life long journey of walking with Him. It is being presented at churches and ministries and people are walking away energized and excited to read the Bible.

If you would like to have Dave Moyer present Simple Starts at your church, youth group or ministry, please contact

Bibles & materials grow Kenya library! 

We are happy to report that your Bibles, books, and other Christian-resource media arrived safely in Kenya and is feeding the eager community of growing believers in Mombasa, Kenya.

Leaders in the area are immensely grateful for the contributions from Maryland Bible Society and have started categorizing and labeling different sections of the space to better serve their readers and studiers. Simple labels such as theology, counseling, concordances, and commentaries are helping people to better navigate the resources and find what they need. The excitement for the Bible and growth is contagious.

Thank you again for your donations — keep our brothers and sisters in your prayers.

Partner Spotlight: Center for Pregnancy Concerns

Maryland Bible Society is a proud partner of the Center for Pregnancy Concerns (CPC), which helps provide completely free services to women in crisis pregnancy situations.

Recently, two Christian families purchased a strategic building on Howard Street in Baltimore City. CPC plans to use this facility to extend their generous services through this new location, which includes free sonograms, counseling, material assistance, free job training, pre-natal care classes, as well as as a free Bible (a gift from Maryland Bible Society) to women in need.

In order to refurbish and prepare the three story building for use, CPC and MBS ask for your support in prayer and in spreading the word about the new location. More information about CPC can be found at