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Did you miss our first episode? We discussed why Maryland Bible Society is doing a podcast, what to expect in upcoming episodes, and common reasons people do not read God's Word.

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What's New at MBS TODAY

MBS Introduces Interactive Bible App

Maryland Bible Society is teaming up with Back to the Bible to deliver its goTandem mobile app.  The product of years of research, goTandem is designed to give you Biblical reminders, exhortation and encouragement throughout the day.  The distinguishing feature of the app is that these reminders are customized to you, based on your answers to a series of questions about your Christian life and challenges. Back to the Bible spent 7 years in research to determine what makes the greatest impact in accelerated and sustained spiritual growth. They found that daily Bible engagement was the absolute best tool for spiritual growth.


YFC's Program Changes Teens

Metro Maryland Youth for Christ (MMYFC), an MBS Partner, is plowing new ground to help teens. YFC’s remarkable Point Break Program, a one day seminar put together by YFC’s Campus Life Ministry staffers in conjunction with mental health care professionals, came to Maryland last year and is changing lives. It is a day that improves the values and attitudes of high school students, intervening to break the patterns of bullying, harassment, prejudice and suicide, and creating a sense of empathy and reconciliation. Some say, “Not possible.”  With Christ all things are possible. 


Updates from Mombasa, Kenya

The container sent to Mombasa, Kenya full of Bibles et al was greeted by many who came to help unload and unpack.  They laughed and cried when they saw the abundance of blessings God has sent through your generosity. While the book store they prepared is a bit too small, they have already begun the construction of more space and bookcases.

Simultaneously, the GAP Ministry’s work with homeless children has begun.


MBS Dinner 2014 - Engaging Excellence

On October 29th, 2014, MBS held its “Engaging Excellence” Dinner at the BWI Hilton. We were happy and pleased that so many current Board Members, ministry partners, donors and church leaders  joined in to share the evening with us.


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