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MBS Partners with IC Orphans — Hooshga the "Good News Turtle" Captures Our Hearts

This is the most exciting thing that has happened in the four years I have been here,” proclaimed the minister who witnessed the reaction of two hundred slum children in India when they received their Hooshga Care packages. Margie Kelly, a missionary who helped transport Hooshga to India, elaborated about “the children being riveted as they listened to the telling of the Gospel as seen through Hooshga’s eyes”. Maryland Bible Society has partnered with  Read more...

MBS Sponsors Biblical Bus Tour

Stevenson University and the Maryland Bible Society organized and sponsored the Biblical Bus Tour, Hallowed Beauty: A Day Tour of Sacred Art and Text in November. A regional exhibition of sacred art and text, it focused on the art and text in local institutional collections that are considered sacred in the Judeo-Christian tradition.  Read more...

Message From the MBS Director

The secular marketing realm is not the only place where people are preoccupied with outcomes. As Christians in ministry, we often ask ourselves the question “What will be the outcome” of our decisions. We weigh the costs against the anticipated results; this deliberation lends itself toward good stewardship. Yet we recognize that God is in chargeof outcomes, we must only be faithful to make God’s Word available and keep our passion for it burning. Read more...

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