Books Have Arrived in Kenya!

Latest update from Kenya 

The 360 boxes of books (over 10,000 books), 60 boxes of clothes and 7 boxes of electronics that we collected have been successfully received in Mombasa!


What's New at MBS TODAY

Have A Bible Sunday?

On September 14th, 2014, the Maryland Bible Society presented the MBS Bible Sunday Programwhich was held at Forge Road Bible Chapel to excellent reviews.  This program combines the love of and appreciation for God’s Word with the spiritual and historical aspects of the MBS Historic Collection in a way that seems remarkable.


Donate Your Bibles

MBS continues to encourage the donations of used Bibles, bible related study materials and biblical literature (adult, teens and children).  We were overwhelmed by the speed and generosity with which many of you responded for the first shipment.  We encourage all of you to continue giving. 


An Eloquent Message From 1815

Hidden away in the copious records of the MBS’s Historic Collection are many of the organization’s Annual Reports.  While such reports can be very dry and boring, the Report of 1815 is anything but.  The timely and beautiful message below is taken from the Report of the Board of Managers of the Bible Society of Baltimore at its Fifth Annual Meeting on September 25, 1815.


What Holds Humanity Together

by Rev. Ernest Smart

The human skeleton, made up of over 240 bones fits together perfectly.  Each bone is beautifully shaped and has a dedicated purpose. These bones fit together to accomplish one great purpose…..to keep you together, upright and functioning.  If one of your bones is out of place or broken, you will soon know it. Ouch!  Just so, the body of humanity has bones meant to fit together just as perfectly.


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